Casting On The Ebro

Is situated across the mighty river Ebro from the village of Riba Roja d'Ebre, we are on the outside of a sweeping bend of the river with depths of around 27 feet. Where as our logo states Catfish and Carp there are many other species in the river that are worth considering, Barble, Roach, Zander, Pike, all reaching amazing sizes.

The swims we own are very secluded with 15 ft bamboo on the water front, large trees to your left and right with a mountain face behind you, Its like walking into your own land that time forgot. In the mountain face are smallish holes which in the winter are the homes for kingfishers and swallows. Within the fishing area there are small trees and bushes which give shade for those that don't like the sun. It may sound like you have to zip wire down the mountain but nothing could be further from the truth as the mountain face is split into levels and there are steps for you from each of the 3 levels


Here is a bit about the team and a little history about us 


The business is run by Brian, Marilyn, Dave and Michael , we are all UK based and had a passion for angling since we were knee high to a grasshopper. Dave is the owner of  The Alcove Syndicate, Brian is the head bailiff  of the Alcove Syndicate and Michael handles the website, Facebook and events, Marilyn has been a member of the lake since the start and she along with her husband have been fully active in helping to develop the lake. Together we believe we make a awesome team and know the importance of enjoying every fishing trip a person makes, whether it be snatching silvers for the day or in a foreign country looking for arapaimas.


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Straight from the start we had a vision to be able to offer opportunities for anglers to catch a fish of a life time and to aid this we have our own land with 4 swims, along with a guide living on site

            Brian               Michael           Marilyn              Dave                     

         (Basher)             (Loakey)          (Mazza)            (Tetley)                

David and Elaine live on site to welcome you and assist you through out your stay with us, they have lived in this region of Spain for just over 4 years and know the area really well David has a vast amount of experience on all  aspects of Catfish and Carp fishing with an emphasis on the Mighty River Ebro in the Riba Roja d'Ebre area. David and Elaine believe in making every anglers visit to Casting On The Ebro a special one and will make every effort to help you catch a fish of your dreams